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January 2018 Update

So, I accidentally lost the audio files for the Reycralibur Retrospective video. As a result, I've decided to scrap my original plans for the special and simply post the written version on this blog. As "promised", I'll cover the inspiration for the series, what went down behind the scenes, recap all thirteen episodes, and unveil the script for for the finale. It's for the best that I present the retrospective special as such, it's not like anyone gave a shit about Reycralibur anyways, myself included. Besides, I wanted to keep Speedy149U's focus on Smash 4 machinima anyways.
So with that, I'm moving on to the next episode of NS3U. I'm still on the fence about having voice actresses versus using subtitles. I'm introverted by nature and working with subtitles would allow me to finish the video faster, but it would feel a little cheap to make the leap to GMOD in the first episode, only to nix the voice acting in the second episode. Plus, while I…

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