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New Super Smash Sisters for Wii U: NS3U Machinima Announcement + Update

This is it.The new beginning. The penultimate chapter of my rebirth.

You might be thinking, "Speedy, is this the new name of your Smash Sisters series?" My answer is "It's much more than that, and don't call me Speedy." New Super Smash Sisters for Wii U, or NS3U for short, was going to be the new name for the series. However, when I took a long look back at all the machinima projects I've completed this year, I realized there was the potential to create something more.

I've decided to take the ultimate universe route: cherry-picking elements from the Great Mission, Smash Sisters Black, Icecapades, and Night of the Living ME!ME!ME! to roll into a brand-new setting. NS3U won't have an ongoing plot, it's just a non-dramatic, episodic series of comedic misadventures with action cartoon elements (and crack). That's not to say elements from any future videos I make won't influence future installments of this series, however.

I'm sorry …

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