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This is... Final Girl

Gwen Stacy is to be the latest in a long line of victims of an evil acapella group, consisting of Jimmy Fallon, the Fonz (or was it Danny?), Norman Bates, and the milkshake-stealing psychopath Chad Dillon Cooper. They lure in unsuspecting girls to the woods where they hunt them down and kill them. After Gwen charms the boys by breaking some mailboxes and sharing some drinks, an ice breaking game turns south and the guys show their true colors. Gwen is given a five minute head start before she is hunted down like wolves and a rabbit.

Unbeknownst to the boys, however, Gwen was counting on this.

If you let the trailers fool you, Final Girl looks like a thriller with a twist. The "final girl" isn't the one being hunted, she is the real killer! This would have been a great movie for those who enjoyed Hard Candy or the music video for First of the Year by Skrillex. But in reality, the film suffers from a flaw that is so annoyingly common in movies good and bad: the film tries …

Bad Habits Die Hard | Syfy's 25th Anniversary Reboot

I told myself I wasn’t going to do this again. But.. One last time.
Syfy’s 2009 rebrand was a lot more cleaver than most people give them credit for. They knew they couldn’t just change the name of their network; the Sci-Fi name has brand awareness. But at the time, they were beginning to air anything but actual science-fiction programming. What good is a network that’s named after something they don’t even do anymore?
No seriously,, what good are you?
To avoid the same mistake made by The History Channel and its ilk, Sci-Fi simply changed the spelling of its name. It sounds like "Sci-Fi", short for science-fiction, but it’s actually "Syfy", a typical NBCUniversal cable network.
As in "it’s typical for NBCUniversal to pull that network decay crap and not get away with it!"
The difference between WWE programming on Syfy and Cops and Cheater reruns on G4 was that people actually watch the WWE. Whatever Style Network was before, it was just a gene…

Random Thoughts: Avalanche Sharks vs Sharknado

I find it far more rewarding to watch a bad movie or television series then watching anything critically decent. Of course, I will probably hate myself for wasting my time, but as a storyteller, I could learn so much more from watching the absolutely terrible Avalanche Sharks than any highly-praised movie. And indeed, I truly hate myself for watching that movie.

What makes a good movie or show for me as a viewer is the characters. It doesn't matter too much how cliche the plot is, as long as it's coherent and easy to follow, but it's important to know who I'm rooting for and against. Too many times I've been burned by weak leads, unlikable side characters, and villains who are far more cooler (and sexier) to root against. If the plot and setting are too predictable, that only adds to my misery; watching the action go down has now become a chore for me to do.

Had its characters been likable, I wouldn't have minded Avalanche Sharks weak plot and overpopulated cas…

Turning Over a New Leaf | UPDATE: May 2017

Welcome to the new blog.

First things first, if you wish to read the old blog (and learn why the Canadian broadcasting industry sucks so bad), I've relocated it to Read at your own discretion. This new blog is strictly for updates on my YouTube channel and anything else I feel like writing about.

On to the business at hand, I've almost completed work on Great Mission, Part II. Not only that, but I was feeling productive last night and started filming and recording scenes for Great Mission, Part III.

As I've said in an earlier Facebook post, the reason why it takes me so long to make these films is because I don't want to rush through them. I want everything to be as perfect as I can make them and I don't want to overexert myself. I'm aware of the modding scene in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, but I don't have the patience to learn how to mod for a new game (nor do I have the money to buy a bigger SD Card) just to film a machinma. I&#…