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Sorry, But I'm Not Dead Yet | Quick Update

My mental health is deteriorating; I don't think I have much time left. ...But, since I've said that out loud, that means I'm going to be doing this stupid YouTube video thing forever and ever until I become an internet meme.

Tell Ed Wood I'll be seeing him.

You've probably noticed that I've been deleting some of my newer videos from my main channel and banishing them to SpeedyCXLIX or keeping them exclusive to my Dailymotion channel. The truth is that the seven years I've been on YouTube has got me feeling inadequate and jealous of other creators on this site, because after all this time I still can't get more than twenty views in twenty-four hours for a single video.

I'm seriously considering retiring from YouTube. Surly, there must be some other website out there where I can get a following by doing machinima and making the videos I want, instead of pandering to the bottom-feeders like every other "popular" YouTuber.

In the meantime, I&…