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Summer Update 2017

I hope to have the conclusion to Super Smash Sisters' Great Mission finished by the end of the summer. I was lucky enough to get one-third of the finale filmed and recorded before I came to a creative road block. Now I have to rewrite the rest of the film and record new dialog to match.

Meanwhile, I have begun revamping the archival Dailymotion channel to make it more accessible to viewers. Dailymotion is already a pain in the ass to navigate as it is, so I want to make it easier for anyone who actually uses Dailymotion to find my videos. As I mentioned in my last update, I'm deleting all low-performing videos on my main channel (and back-up channels). So if you can't find a video on Speedy149U, check out my Dailymotion page. I've unlisted all Reycralibur-related videos, since nobody was watching. If you want to see the series for yourself, check out the playlists on YouTube and Dailymotion.

As I am sorting through all the videos I've made over the past decade or s…