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Has My Little Pony Become Bigger Than Transformers?

It's bad enough that the third season of Transformers: Robots in Disguise is still getting such lousy treatment from Cartoon Network, but Combiner Force has so far failed to address all the problems that have been present since the show's first season. Namely, an overreliance on filler episodes despite this season having TWO major antagonists and a cool-looking gimmick that has only barely been touched upon since the season premiere.'s Prime Wars Trilogy also deserves a mention due to the backlash that its first installment, Combiner Wars, received, and due to me not being able to find the show on YouTube despite the fact that Machinima produced it. Turns out, Machinima made the series private, perhaps in response to the series poor reception. The only way to watch it is through go90, and all you need to know about go90 is that it's not available in Canada and Warren Zenna of Havas Media called it "YouTube, but not as good".

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