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The Speedy149 Archives on YouTube! START!

I've got big plans for the rest of this year. I'm pleased to announce the first of those plans: the relaunch of the SpeedyCXLIX YouTube channel as the Speedy149 Archives(on YouTube)! I've recently began uploading new videos to the channel, namely the Link, Kirby & Bowser's Insanity series by CrowlerLol.

Link, Kirby & Bowser wasn't just one of the many series that inspired me to get into Smash Bros. machinima in the first place, it's the series that inspired the current direction I'm taking right now; short-form films and comedy. Presumably, they made the videos private, or outright deleted the series, but I couldn't find it on YouTube anymore. So I did the neighborly thing and re-uploaded it to CXLIX for the few people that still remember it.

Of course, I won't just be uploading deleted content from other people, the channel's main focus is to serve as a second home for some of the older, low-performing, and more obscure videos from my m…

September 2017 Update

It's been a year since I've released it, but The Smash Sisters Series trailer has become one of my most popular videos and viewers still want me to do a full version of "2 Femme 2 Furious".

Who am I to ignore them, especially when nobody else watches my videos anyways? So, by popular demand, the next installment of "The Series" (working title) will take us back to the reality depicted in "2 Femme 2 Furious"! I've also finished the script for another episode in the "main continuity" that I will produce after I finish this. As I mentioned before, the Great Mission mini-series is more of a standalone prequel, so don't expect the actual series to be anything like that or "2 Femme 2 Furious".

Call it a midlife crisis, but I've deleted almost all episodes of Typhoon School and Reycralibur from my main channel. As I mentioned in a previous update, I'm deleting low-performing videos from my main channel; expect to see a…